Kinesiotherapy and massage are considered a type of complementary therapy for oncological diseases. The aim of this therapy is to treat the whole body, not just symptoms of the disease. Kinesiotherapist works in cancer care together with other members of the health care team to enhance the patient’s independence and optimize their quality of life. The following are some of the ways that kinesiotherapist can help people with cancer and cancer survivors:

  • Surgical Complications: Kinesiotherapist can help with regaining movement and avoiding complications after breast and other cancer-related surgeries.
  • Respiratory distress: Kinesiotherapist is able to address some respiratory complaints, such as breathlessness and difficulty clearing respiratory secretions. For these disorders, kinesiotherapist uses strategies such as breathing control and active exercises.
  • Lymphedema: Kinesiotherapist provides advice on ways to minimize the risk of developing lymphedema and teaches lymphedema management (self-massage, massage, and compression) when necessary.
  • Neuro-Oncology: Kinesiotherapist has a key role in assessing and rehabilitating the balance, coordination, strength, and mobility in patients whose cancer affects their nervous system, like the brain or spinal cancers.
  • Fatigue: Kinesiotherapist is an expert in the field of exercising. The exercises are safe to perform during and after cancer treatment. It has been found to improve fitness, muscular strength, quality of life and fatigue reduction in person.
  • Pain: Kinesiotherapist uses a variety of approaches to manage pain. This includes active movement, thermal regiment or massage.
  • Decreased mobility: Mobility can deteriorate during various stages of cancer treatment. Kinesiotherapist uses a combination of exercise and gait improvements to optimize mobility.

During cancer care, the kinesiotherapist also works in rehabilitation. This includes very specific exercises (following neurological, orthopedic surgery or injury) or more generalized programs of exercises following chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Programs of exercises are adapted individually according to post-treatment recommendations, overall health status, and personal exercise preferences.

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