Cytokine-induced natural killers is one more method of immunotherapy, which is used in oncology. This method is based on the patient’s NK (natural killer) cells, which are responsible for killing virus-infected and abnormal cells (including cancerous) in the body. In cancer, NK cell activation and proliferation are impaired and ability to destroy altered cells diminished.

During this immunotherapy the NK cells, which were collected from the patient‘s blood, are stimulated in the laboratory with the biologically active molecules (cytokines), which are naturally present in patient’s body. Such stimulation triggers multiplication and activation of NK cells and shifting them to ready to kill state. The resulting advanced therapy medical product is injected intravenously and can be combined with existing treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, therapy of biological targets, etc.). Such activated and multiplied NK cells should patrol the body to seek out abnormal cell and start to destroy them. Such destruction also activates other cells of the immune system whose effectiveness is greatly enhanced by the full-scale involvement of dendritic cells. Combining NK cell therapy with dendritic cell vaccine results in a better effect than using each of them separately.

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