Improvements in chemotherapy as well as the development of new chemical substances that are capable of stopping unwanted cell growth, still pose the same problems after the treatment – how to get rid of the side effects that occur after using these complex toxic drugs.

The medication in chemotherapy is produced in a way as to work against actively growing cancerous cells, to kill and inhibit their reproduction. However, it is not only cancerous cells but also other cells that multiply in the organism, which is why all cells in the body are damaged by chemotherapy. When one or more cycles of chemotherapy are used, side effects occur as general intoxication of the organism: fatigue, nausea, weakness, neuropathies (numbness of limbs), low blood parameters (leukopenia) and so on. These conditions can be controlled and even prevented – for that the pre-chemotherapy condition of the patient has to be restored.

In our Clinic, doctors know how to rebuild the well-being of a patient sooner after chemotherapy without compromising the prescribed treatment. During this recovery therapy, the body’s fluid and mineral balance are restored, nausea, as well as other side effects, are controlled by intravenous infusion. For your convenience, all medical treatment will be provided at the Clinic’s patient day center, in spacious rooms with cozy beds as well as a quiet environment. Catering, relaxing massages and other facilities are available upon request.

Our staff will take care of the post-chemotherapy moments of your life that usually cause only discomfort as well as irreversible changes to your body.

If you are interested in this method, do not hesitate to contact us. At the Clinic you will be provided with full details of the possible applications of this therapy.

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