Conventional cancer treatment often use chemical drugs, which besides aggressive and non-specific killing have significant adverse side effects on the human body. Meanwhile in immunotherapy along with substances that affect the immune system the naturally occurring biologically active molecules or immune cells produced by the body are used. Such treatment tends to have far fewer side effects than conventional cancer therapy. The use in immunotherapy of naturally occurring biologically active molecules, such as cytokines, interferons or antibodies, is often referred as biological therapy. Meanwhile, the use of immune cells as cell therapy. Immune effector cells such as lymphocytes (T and B cells), macrophages, dendritic or NK cells are commonly used for cell therapy. These cells can be isolated from the patient himself (autologous) or, in some cases, taken from the closely related donor (allogeneic).

In our clinic currently two cellular immunotherapies for the cancer are available: dendritic cell vaccines and cytokine-induced natural killers (NK). In addition, immunotherapies may be combined with conventional treatment strategies such as chemo- or radiotherapy.

For the patients who are already receiving conventional therapy clinically compatible recovery procedures available. Which will help to diminish the undesirable effects of chemotherapy or to carry out the rehabilitation during conventional treatment.

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