The injuries of the locomotor system, such as bone or muscular traumas, are closely related to the quality of the person’s life – the patient that encounter problems in this field usually complain about constant pains both on moving and sleeping. One of the most frequent reasons causing them to go to the specialist of orthopedics-traumatology is obstacles in their favorite mobile activity or even its complete refusal that is also frequent.

Specialized doctors of “Innovita clinic” provide patients with consultations about different issues in the fields of orthopedics and traumatology: suffering from joint pains, osteoarthritis, deformations of certain body parts, swelling or posttraumatic pathologies.

The most frequent joint disorders are treated at “Innovita clinic” by using the stromal vascular fraction cells isolated from the patient himself/herself; their use encourages the development of bone, fatty or cartilage cells in the connective tissue and they restore the activity of the disordered connection. As stem cells are naturally found in the subcutaneous human fatty layer, an abundant reservoir of energy of the fatty tissue is used and it can stimulate the regenerative potential of the tissue.

A stem cell preparation is manufactured within 3 weeks and applied to every patient individually taking into account a concrete injury of the locomotor system and a plan compiled by the doctor. In this way, the specialist in the orthopedics-traumatology of “Innovita clinic” offers both a qualitative and innovative treatment method to his patients.

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