Classical massage, commonly known as Swedish massage, is a full-body or individual parts of the body massage to relax tense muscles, reduce their fatigue, increase the flow of oxygen to the blood and release toxins from the muscles. Swedish massage uses softer movements in more sensitive and delicate parts of the body and stronger strokes where muscles are thicker and tense. This kind of the movement control makes this massage completely relaxing. Besides the relaxing benefits, classical massage is believed that can:

  • Relieve muscle tension by eliminating toxins;
  • Improve circulation by increasing blood oxygenation;
  • Help maintain elastic ligaments and tendons;
  • Reduce emotional and physical stress.

The clinic offers 30 and 60 minutes of classic back massages, 90 minutes of full body massage or 30 minutes massage of a specific part of the body (legs, arms, abdomen, shoulders).

In addition to classical massage, Innovita Clinic also offers Thai massage, which is associated with healing, not just relaxing effects. Regular Thai massage removes physical ailments, improves blood circulation, metabolism and removes contaminants of the body. Thai massage uses a specific technique that is performed using big toes of hands, finger joints, hands, elbows, feet, feet and knees.

During a Thai massage, the patient should wear a sporty or other natural-cloth, lightweight dress. During the massage, the naked human body is not exposed due to the fact that the massage therapist performs sufficiently strong and perfectly accurate pressure movements.

The clinic offers a 30, 60 or 90 minutes Thai massage. Also, for a regular massage course, we offer 5 or 10 session massage packages.

For a classic or Thai massage, please register for a massage session of massage therapist. Contact us on +370 52 77 33 57 or by email: