A dendritic cell is the main cell of innate immune system, which is involved in the formation of a specific immune response against altered body cells or pathogens. In other words, dendritic cell displays altered or foreign molecules to the T cells of the immune system. Without such a showing the T cells are unable to recognize altered or foreign molecules as well as destroy cell which have them. In cancer, this ability of the dendritic cells to display is impaired, and the ability to develop an effective anti-cancer immune response is compromised.

The dendritic cell vaccine, which used in our clinic, is based on the principle that the ability of dendritic cells to display can be formed outside the body. Immune cells are collected from the patient‘s blood and “trained” in the laboratory to become dendritic cells, loaded with tumor molecules (cell-specific information) and matured. Such dendritic cells should display those altered cancer cell molecules to the T cells in the body and stimulate an immune response against these molecules bearing cancer cells. The resulting advanced therapy medical product is injected intramuscularly according to the appropriate vaccination plan. The immunotherapy can be combined with existing treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, therapy of biological targets, etc.) via insertion into the standard treatment regimen. In our experience, approximately 40 percent of patients with different forms of cancer (most commonly III-IV stage adenocarcinoma) who were treated with dendritic cell therapy in addition to the standard treatment, responded positively to the applied immunotherapy, i.e. for them, immunotherapy significantly prolonged the duration and quality of their life.

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