Family doctor, whose areas of interest include the treatment of patients with chronic diseases (such as cancer, diabetes, arterial hypertension) with the goal of maximizing their quality of life. Doctor provides various consultations and advice related to health, lifestyle changes, and disease prevention.



2018 – 2022 — Doctoral Studies (PhD) (dissertation defense expected in October 2024), Pediatric Diseases Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University;

2009 – 2012 — Family Medicine Residency, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University;

2002 – 2009 — Master of Medicine (Professional Qualification of Medical Doctor), Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University.



2024 – present — JSC “Innovita Research”, Family Doctor;

2020 – present — JSC “InMedica” (Giedraičių st. 41 and Rygos st. 1), Family Doctor;

2017 – 2022 — Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Pediatric Diseases Clinic, Lecturer;

2017 – 2020 — Public Institution “Antakalnis Outpatient Clinic” Head of Family Doctors Department;

2014 – 2020 — Public Institution “Antakalnis Outpatient Clinic “, Family Doctor.



Presentations at scientific conferences:

  • “Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on indoor air pollution in primary schools to community acquired pneumonia in children” at EAA-ISGA-ICEM JOINT MEETING 2022 (21st-27th of August, 2022, Vilnius, Lithuania), ORAL presentation;
  • “Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on indoor air pollution in primary schools and risk of pollution related effects on child health” at EAPS 2022 (7th-11th of October , 2022, Barcelona, Spain), POSTER;
  • “Occasional sources and level of indoor pollution in primary schools of relatively low polluted region of Eastern Europe” at EAACI Digital Congress 2020 (6th-8th of June, 2020, United Kingdom), ORAL presentation;
  • “First results of air pollution in primary schools of Vilnius city: sources, seasonality, characteristics, relation to the most common respiratory diseases” at MODERN PEDIATRICS (24th of September, 2020, Vilnius, Lithuania), ORAL presentation;
  • “Impact of indoor aerosol pollution at school on the incidence of respiratory morbidity among younger school age children” at EAPS 2020 (16th-20th of October, 2020, Barcelona, Spain), ORAL presentation;
  • ” The effect of particulate matter air pollution of the school environments on the health of primary school students in Vilnius” at 4th BALTIC PEDIATRIC CONGRESS (16th-18th of May, 2019), ORAL presentation.



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